These portraits were
taken for competitors
at the 2013 Golden State
CDE in Lodi, CA
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Thank you for inviting me to the Golden State CDE. Your photos are listed by name below. If you would like to see my work at an upcoming event, let me know. We can look over the calender.

Christie Bs Photography
Residing in California,
working abroad
21223 Rae Lane
Redding, CA 96003

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Our Awesome Volunteers and Candids

Eli Decker

Andy Garcia

Leslie Berndl - Training

Joey Bruce

Linda Cruikshank

Alyson Harris

Susan Hassett

Ginny Leal

Jackie Pamplona

Kristen Petersen

Joan Ravier

Phyllis Rumley

Jason Stronks

Leslie Berndl - Prelim

Francesca Canfield

Phyllis Grupe

Teri Jump

Frank Luetz - Prelim.

Jane Ann Merritt

Debbie Packard

Beth Scott

Lonnie Miller - Int.

Lonnie Miller - Prelim.

Shelley Chavoor

Jim Jeffrey

John Levy

Bridget Phillips

Stephanie Putnam

Taylor Roundtree

Robert Smith

Tasha Wilkie

Drew Callahan

Lori Hanes

Frank Luetz Int.

JoDee Howard

Debra Smith

Stan Packard

John Levy - Int.

Fritz Grupe

Diane Kastama