These portraits were
taken for competitors
at the 2013 Inavale
CDE in Philomath, OR
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Thank you for inviting me back to the Inavale CDE. Your photos are listed by name below. I will not be photographing Inavale 2014, and still have Inavale 2012 photos. If you would like to see them, Click here.
If you would like to see my work at an upcoming event, let me know. We can look over the calendar.

Christie Bs Photography
Residing in California,
working abroad
21223 Rae Lane
Redding, CA 96003

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Volunteers and Organizers
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Bonn Buhl

Lee Clark

Ann Craig

Kristie Fosbock

Mandy Hood

Brett McIntyre

Tammy Osgood

Dorothy Whiteman

Dallas Bolen

Deborah Holmes

Ellen Short

John Munson

Jeanne Pickens

Diane Zmolek

Liz Hendrick

Walt Buhl

Liz Goldman

Scott Monroe

Anne Sommerville

Krista Sparkman

Marcia Stevens

Amy Blossom

Anne Buckler

Carol Elvin

Reggie Glover


Louise Nyquist

Cindy Wright

Marcia Wright

Carol O'Brien

Francesca Canfield

Amanda Horton

Ginny Leal

Karen Milojevich

Pam Reese

Wanda Walker

Alice Bourassa

Diana Axness

Merrie Morgan

Donna Yanick

Shelley Chavoor

Terri Jones

Cindy Lee

Stefani Putman

Heather Toland

Tasha Wilkie

Kay Veinotte

Karen Lenberg

Lori Hanes

Carina Krahn

Frank Luetz

Sarah Johnson

Sharon McCarthy

Krista Sparkman

Teresa Bron