These portraits were
taken for competitors
at the 2016 Trail Trials
at Greenhorn Guest Ranch
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Thank you for inviting me back to the Trail Trials at Greenhorn Ranch. Your photos are listed by groups of approximately 10 riders. The photo numbers are listed in the group names as well. A seperate page is set up for Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to see my work at an upcoming event, let me know. We can look over the calender.

Christie Bs Photography
Residing in California,
working abroad
21223 Rae Lane
Redding, CA 96003

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Angies Group

Saturday, Group A
Group A. First set of riders to go out. Picture numbers 4359-4459

Saturday, Group B
Picture numbers 4495-4615

Saturday, Group C
Picture numbers 4617-4758

Saturday, Group D
Picture numbers 4759-4856

Saturday, Group E
Picture numbers 4857-5003

Saturday, Group F
Picture numbers 5004-5162

Saturday, Group G
Picture numbers 5166-5317

Saturday, Group H
Picture numbers 5318-5388

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Sunday, First group of riders.
Picture numbers 5415-5535

Sunday, Group B
Picture numbers 5537-5668

Sunday, Group C
Picture numbers 5674-5785

Sunday, Group D
Picture numbers 5786-5902

Sunday, Group E
Picture numbers 5905-6030

Sunday, Group E part 2
Picture numbers -6030

Sunday, Group F
Picture numbers 6034-6153

Sunday, Group G
Picture numbers 6154-6319

Sunday, Group H
Picture numbers 6322-6423

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Bringing up the drag